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The content was well structured and easy to understand. Our employees were able to immediately apply the strategies and techniques they learned to their daily tasks. The positive changes in their customer orientation and the improved handling of customer feedback convinced us.


Our employees report increased self-confidence in customer contact and an improved ability to recognize and effectively respond to customer needs. The course has a noticeable positive impact on their performance and motivation.


The course helped us to provide our employees with new perspectives and methods for customer retention. The interactive lessons and practical case studies actively involved the employees and strengthened their understanding of the importance of customer loyalty.


Our employees have learned how to establish and maintain customer relationships and build long-term relationships. The course has given them the necessary knowledge and confidence to resolve customer issues effectively and provide an excellent quality of service.

Customer loyalty 4.0 - What can you expect?

Customer loyalty 4.0

Course content

Table of contents

  • Customer contact challenges
  • The customer loyalty scale
  • The silent majority
  • Service on two levels
  • EMPATHY – Your compass to success
  • E – Insight into the customer world
  • M – Humanizing
  • P – Listen proactively
  • A – Give recognition
  • T – Think Positive
  • H – Show willingness to help
  • Y – Your Turn

Target group

All managers, service staff and all employees with customer contact

In this online course from AcadaMe, participants learn how to turn customer satisfaction into long-term customer loyalty. The course shows that customer satisfaction alone is not enough to retain customers in the long term. Rather, the aim is to generate customer loyalty in order to extend the life of the customer relationship and reduce interest in other services as well as complaints.

In this course, participants will learn how to build customer loyalty through effective service. You will understand that service is not an optional extra, but a key value driver for a company’s success. The course teaches strategies and techniques to optimize service as a value-added factor and to achieve positive effects on sales and marketing.

With interactive learning modules, case studies and practical exercises, participants are empowered to build customer loyalty in a targeted way. They will learn how to strengthen customer relationships, anticipate customer needs, and provide exceptional service.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to identify the need for action to optimize service as a value-added factor. They will know how to convert customer satisfaction into long-term customer loyalty and thus sustainably increase the success of their company.

Benefits for the company

  • Loyal customers buy more, pay higher prices, don’t switch and try your new products and services.
  • Low acquisition costs, as new customers come from referrals.
  • Recommendations increase the image on the market.
  • Loyal customers provide qualified feedback, which can be used for process improvements.

In this course, participants will learn to

  • Understand the customer’s perspective professionally and ‘humanly’ in order to act accordingly.
  • through interest and recognition of the customer’s needs, to strengthen the customer’s trust.
  • Methods of how loyal customers are generated (service intelligence).
  • How to leave a positive feeling in every interaction with the customer.

The learning transfer supports you with practice-proven tools and impulses to use this huge potential. Step by step, you will learn which tools make sense for you and your situation at work in order to apply what you have learned as effectively as possible on your own, because neu successfully apply learned knowledge in the workplace is not always easy. Various studies have shown that after 2-3 months, only 10-20% of newly acquired knowledge is applied in the workplace if there is no transfer of learning, i.e. no practice, application, support and consolidation.

How does the course impact your business goals?

  • Business goals are better and more likely to be achieved because learning transfer tools are linked to business goals.
  • Productivity is increased, as the participants are more motivated to work due to the rapid successes or further developments.
  • Pragmatic tools for the various application situations in learning transfer ensure time and cost effective implementation.
  • Additional impulses in the transfer of learning with in-depth knowledge and tips for practice support the optimal dovetailing with the work processes.

In learning transfer, participants learn:

  • Why learning transfer is so important for and which phases are typical.
  • Know various learning transfer tools that will help them individually apply what they have learned in your workplace.
  • Build motivation to learn by themselves and from outside.
  • Setting smart goals for a motivating and successful
  • Master the implementation process step by step to effectively use the great potential of learning transfer.

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