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Loyal insurance customers through empathy (IDD)

In the insurance industry, empathy is paramount when it comes to winning loyal customers and building long-term relationships. After all, the financial or even existential security of your customers is often at stake. Their responsibility extends far beyond technical expertise, because customers expect not only professional advice, but also human understanding and empathy. Only if you give your customers a feeling of security and familiarity can you develop loyal customers.

This online course offers you a practical approach to promoting empathy in your insurance business. We show you 7 simple empathy steps and real examples from insurance practice:

  • How you can understand your customers not only professionally, but also better on a human level and thus act more empathetically.
  • How to strengthen mutual trust and thus build customer loyalty by showing interest and recognizing individual customer needs.
  • How to leave a positive feeling with every contact with the customer and build a long-term relationship.

3 IDD hours

Loyal insurance customers through empathy (IDD)

This online course offers you a practical approach to promoting empathy in your insurance business in order to build loyal and therefore long-term customer relationships.

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Soft skills for the insurance industry

The Insurance Distribution Directive (ID D) is a European directive that aims to regulate and harmonize insurance distribution. An important part of this directive is the requirement for insurance intermediaries and advisors to undergo continuous further training to ensure that they always have up-to-date specialist knowledge and skills. According to the IDD Directive, insurance professionals must provide evidence of at least 15 hours of further training per year.

We offer IDD-compliant* online courses and issue certificates that meet the requirements of the IDD*. Our courses are flexible and allow participants to complete the required training hours conveniently online. This allows them to expand their knowledge in the area of soft skills and obtain the required certificates to meet the IDD requirements.

*Legal notice

Although the IDD guidelines are standardized throughout the EU, there is no government body that certifies conformity with IDD guidelines. Our IDD training courses have been carefully adapted to the requirements of the IDD guidelines and framework, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee that our courses will be officially recognized. For this reason, we disclaim any liability for possible deviations from the IDD guidelines. We accept no responsibility for claims arising from lack of recognition or lack of IDD compliance.