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With the help of the Course Finder, you can always find the right online course to help your managers and employees achieve their goals. More than 1,000 international competence and impact analyses form the scientific basis of the course finder.

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The basis of the course finder

The American expert Dr. Jack J. Phillips and his renowned ROI Institute analyzed more than 1,000 training projects in a groundbreaking study to determine their impact – the monetary effects. Always with the aim of quantifying the impact of the training effects in monetary terms and knowing which competencies are relevant for success. This interlocking of which competence produces which monetary effect is the DNA of our course finder. Whether you specify your personal goals or skills to be learned, you will always receive a success-relevant course recommendation with information on its impact. Thus, you can be sure that you and your employees learn the right competencies, the first important success factor for strategic e-learning.